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Headlines in Wednesday's newspapers

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Herewith summaries of front-page headlines in the Wednesday editions of Rasmei Kampuchea, Koh Santepheap and Kampuchea Thmey (in Khmer), Commercial News and Cambodia Sin Chew Daily (in Chinese) and Cambodia Daily (in English):

● Cambodia-Thai defense ministers agree on border stability
● Unions disagree on 18 percent salary increase
● Elderly woman asks prime minister to help her son
● Panic over counterfeit $100 bill issued in 2009
● Man attempts to murder fiance  
● Authorities hesitate on illegal casino in Preah Sdech

● Ninth victim of bird flu
● Cambodia, Thailand meet to calm border disputes
● Train crashes into gasoline truck
● Brake failure causes truck to fall into river
● Alcoholic beats father with bat
● Traders react to destruction of Phnom Oral forest
● Thais kill 45, jail 264 for illegal logging in 2012
● 212 die, 1,000 injured in 2012 Phnom Penh road accidents

● Cambodia, Thai lower border tension before ICJ verdict
● Prime minister: be wary of fake promises
● Woman injured during brawl with karaoke guests
● 31 injured in two road accidents on Road 78A
● 70-year-old French man's sex crime hearings delayed
● Casino in Preah Sdech district is illegal
● People protest over high cost of electricity in Sen Monorom
● Three arrested for stealing car
● Man flees after attempted murder of fiance
● Eighth victim dies from bird flu
● Man dies after high speed crash
● Man injured for drunk driving
● Kg Trach market manager, vendors angry
● Brake failure causes truck to fall into river
● Siem Reap authorities to check cock-fights near Angkor Wat

● Employers agree to pay raise for workers
● Angkor Wat is one of one hundred most visited sites
● Cambodian tourism increases
● China takes measures against bird flu in Cambodia
● Keat Chhon thanks Shukaku Inc for paying taxes
● Stock market shocked as shares closed at 6650

● 18 percent pay raise rejected
● Flights delayed after man destroys airport equipment

● Finance minister lauds Boeng Kak’s tax bill
● Bird flu death toll rises to 8
● Italy’s five star movement upends elections
● Spain’s royal family faces crisis over corruption


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