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Headlines in Tuesday's newspapers

Published: 26-Feb-13 03:49AM | By | Publish in Newspaper Headlines

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Herewith summaries of front-page headlines in the Tuesday editions of Rasmei Kampuchea, Koh Santepheap and Kampuchea Thmey (in Khmer) and Cambodia Daily (in English):

● More than 400 in land dispute in Koun Mom district
● Official says opposition causes endless trouble
● Nine female workers injured in gas explosion  
● Photo of Andy touching woman’s buttock posted on Facebook
● Union demands high salaries for workers
● Man pays $50 after slapping woman

● Phnom Penh has 523 French colonial buildings
● Woman flees three days after wedding
● Two arrested with fake riel
● Military police stop two groups fighting
● Woman demands $500 after slapping
● Thieves kill one, injure another in motorcycle robbery
● Nine female workers injured in gas explosion  

● Opposition politicians distrust each other
● Cambodia holds Meak Bochea ceremony
● Woman missing three days after wedding
● Nine female workers injured in gas explosion
● Man dies, another badly injured in motorcycle robbery
● Panic as gangster fight at wedding reception  
● People pray for happiness from Chinese angels
● Two arrested in Takeo for using fake riel
● Driver attacked for crashing into fence
● Drunken man arrested for injuring wife
● Chinese man destroys road barrier

● Details of agreement for new airbus still elusive
● UK cardinal resigns after alleged misconduct
● Spirits, possessions mark end to China New Year


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