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Headlines in Wednesday's newspapers

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Herewith summaries of front-page headlines in the Wednesday editions of Rasmei Kampuchea, Koh Santepheap and Kampuchea Thmey (in Khmer) and Cambodia Daily (in English):

● US guiding democracy in Cambodia: official
● Midnight blaze engulfs 8th floor of New York Hotel
● Khov Cheuly’s wife keeps seeking help from Hun Sen
● Motorcycle-taxi drivers protest at justice ministry
● Bavet workers return to work
● Police stop Kol Davy’s car

● Cambodia rejects US request to pardon Rainsy, Sonando
● 192 countries to attend world heritage meeting
● Police stop Kol Davy’s car
● Man arrested over cow kidnapping scam
● Anti-birdflu efforts extend to eighth location
● Panic as blaze engulfs 8th floor of New York Hotel
● Drunken man injures wife who refuses to have sex
● Opposition lawmaker opens fire as car flees

● Sam Rainsy must talk to court if he wants to return
● 14 recommendations by Hun Sen carried out
● Police powerless as rival gangs clash
● Motorcycle-taxi drivers discuss case of Boeung Kak woman
● Pepper farmers deal with history
● Man injures wife suspected of having lover
● Best man arrested for raping 14-year-old guest at wedding
● Panic in midnight blaze at New York Hotel
● Kol Davy arrested
● Factory, street flooded in Tuol Sangke
● Driver shot for failing to stop
● Bavet workers return to work

● Hun Sen’s sons preparing for election run
● Chinese military accused of hacking US targets
● First child rape-murder of the year reported


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