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Prime Minister Hun Sen: Political party leaders must have only Cambodian Nationality

Published: 28-Dec-15 06:22PM

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PHNOM PENH (The Cambodia Herald)—Prime Minister Hun Sen this morning said that the ruling party, Cambodian People Party, will amend the law on Political Party to say that the future political parties contesting in the election must hold only Cambodian Nationality.
             Premier said that the amendment will also require the presidents of the Constitutional Council of Cambodia, the Senate, the National Assembly, the Supreme court, the general prosecutor of the Supreme Court as well as the Anti-corruption Council must also have only one Cambodian nationality.
             The premier said that it would not a problem for CPP lawmakers to pass the law in 2016 because the ruling party has enough majority seats at the National Assembly to pass the law.              
             Spoke at Koh Pich Hall during a ceremony to give degrees for graduated students from the Royal University of Law and Economic, the prime minister also announced that 
             Prime Minister Hun Sen yesterday announced that he would not pardon the opposition party leader Sam Rainsy who has been on self-exile to avoid imprisonment over a defamation charge for the third time or the premier would cut off his right arm. 

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