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Prime Minister Hun Sen warns Facebook users not to insulting words

Published: 28-Dec-15 06:26PM

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            PHNOM PENH (The Cambodia Herald)—Prime Minister Hun Sen warns anyone who uses social network Facebook to insult him or other leaders because they cannot hide their identify and locations.

             Speaking at Koh Pich yesterday for delivering degree for gradated student from the Royal University of Law and Economic, Samdach Techo advised youth not to use insulting word on social media since he could spot them easily about their location and could make arrest just within 7-hour long. Hun Sen then spent most of his 1-hour speech attacked unnamed politicians.
             Premier then showed off the identify of a facebook account named Iv Sangha for posting a comment on his facebook last night for using insulting word on him but he would not do anything against the facebook users but the Prime Minister instead will use facebook to educate youths to properly play facebook with decent words.            
             “I replied: Hope nephew know to use decent word better than this,” he said, adding, “Please nieces and nephews do not confused that nieces and nephews can hide me the location you are based in.”
             “If I want to take action against you, just seven-hour in latest and there is no need to send [forces] from Phnom Penh since local forces are ready all time so just to point the house, that’s all,” he said.
             “So do not play by insulting,” he said.

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