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Interior Ministry warns prison officials not to use violence on inmates

Published: 25-Dec-15 10:38AM

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PHNOM PENH (The Cambodia Herald)—A senior official from the Ministry of Interior on Thursday warned all prison chiefs and guards stop to use or not to use all forms of violence illegally on inmates in order to ensure the respect of human rights at prisons.

The warning made by Secretary of State at the Ministry of Interior Nuth Sa An who presided over the ceremony to appoint new Phnom Penh Municipal Prison (PJ) Chief Pich Yun.

Mr. Yun before the appointment was director for General Department of Prison’s Transportation Department while the old PJ prison chief Hou Puthvisal become a deputy director for Corrections Department at Ministry of Interior’s General Department of Prison.

“Prisons are the place not just to detain but it’s for rehabilitation to make inmates become good persons,” Mr. Sa An said, adding, “Prisons are not the place to use violence, and torture inmates illegally.”

He said that the government is using prisons for providing vocational training and skills for inmates so then those prisoners can start new life with new jobs when they are set free from prisons.

He added that PJ prison would soon be moved to new place as current location located inside the Phnom Penh Municipal Police Headquarter is really tiny for using as detention facilities.

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