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Cambodia's rice export up 46% in 8 months

Published: 14-Sep-15 09:46AM

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PHNOM PENH (The Cambodia Herald)—Cambodia exported 342,136 tons of milled rice in the first eight months of 2015, an increase of 46 percent from the 233,859 tons over the same period of last year, according to Chinese News Agency-Xinhua.

Three top buyers of Cambodian rice are China, France and Poland, said the report released by the Secretariat of One Window Service for Rice Export.

From January to August this year, the country had sold 74,949 tons of rice to China, 45,493 tons to France, and 38,370 tons to Poland, it said, adding that types of exported rice include fragrant rice, white long grain, and parboiled long grain.

The Southeast Asian nation produced over 9 million tons of paddy rice per year.
Last year, the country exported nearly 370,000 tons, earning a gross revenue of 247 million U.S. dollars, according to the Ministry of Commerce.

In 2010, Cambodia launched a rice promotion strategy, setting a goal of exporting one million tons of milled rice by the end of 2015, however, Commerce Minister Sun Chanthol said early this year that it was unlikely to achieve the self-imposed target due to a lack of milling capacity and funding.

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